Pronounced “ray-key”

“Rei” means universal or spiritual consciousness. “Ki” means life force energy.

Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle, hands-on technique that originated in Japan. It is given over the clothes while you sit or lay down. This simple yet powerful method is used to heal energy blockages in the chakra system of the body, restoring energy flow. Reiki reduces stress, promotes relaxation and healing, and can be deeply soothing. Reiki provides a sense of well-being and strengthens your body’s ability to heal through better balance.

“Dariece has an incredibly warm & peaceful disposition that makes you feel immediately comfortable. This encouraged my mind to be open & calm for my first Reiki session with her. Her attention to detail with the props ultimately led to an even deeper feeling of comfort & support. During the session, I experienced many powerful moments and I thoroughly appreciated that she granted permission to process either aloud or in silence. She provided a unique balance that allowed me to process my experience without any interference. I especially enjoyed holding onto the crystals too. I’m so grateful and really hope to do it again soon!”   -D.C.

Reiki Session:
  • $75 per hour

For questions or to schedule an appointment, please contact Dariece @ 707-590-0669 or

Dariece is a Reiki Master certified in the Usui tradition.

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